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About the
Doodle Birds

The doodle birds is an NFT experience built around a passionate community. Our goal is to give back as much as possible to early supporters and helpers. We encourage you to get a Bird since it could literally change your life financially. Early supporters will be rewarded bigtime.
All the doodle birds consist of hand-drawn traits. The collection contains more than 200 custom and uniqe traits making every bird different from each other.


Our team will develop a custom crypto currency on the binance smartchain called $feather.
Each bird will be making you passive incomethrough airdrops just by holding it in your wallet.
You can expect to make in average 7
$fethers a day, depending on the rarety of your NFT.



@Alex (SmartContract Dev)
@Jacob (Marketer and Founder)
@Erik (Artwork)